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EQ Consulting Inc. Headquartered in Shenzhen, China. is a Fintech high-tech company with more than 20 years of history. Since its inception, it has been providing business/technical consulting services and FinTech products to world-renowned banks, funds, brokers and insurance companies. EQ has extensive experience in financial markets, asset/investment management, asset liability management, and risk management. The core business includes business consulting, product development, project implementation and landing and system solutions. EQ also provides customers with tailored one-stop financial product quantitative modeling, front-end trading, risk control and back-office solutions.

EQ combines exquisite business knowledge with cutting-edge technology. The consulting team has extensive and in-depth understanding and practical experience in financial products, especially derivatives, with multi-asset quantification and modeling capabilities; the development team has won the Canadian Government Research and Technology Progress Award for many years, and has over 20 years of large-scale system solutions and architecture. Design experience. The core members of the team are from top international banks, consulting companies and financial technology companies. With an international vision, we can communicate more effectively with local customers to meet local needs.

EQ has good cooperation experience and reputation in the domestic financial industry and financial technology. Since entering the Chinese market, EQ has been committed to providing financial product development, implementation and consulting services to top domestic banks. Compared with international consulting companies, EQ has the advantage of being able to customize one-stop solutions according to customer needs and paying great attention to the transparency of the implementation process, so as to achieve the ultimate goal of learning and growing together with customers.


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